Technical note: Improving discovery workflows using Tandem Ionisation® data

This technical note demonstrates how Tandem Ionisation data can be used to improve discovery workflows by reducing the frequency of false positives and describes how this is achieved using an untargeted, tile-based approach used in ChromCompare+ software to find the significant class-based differences between GC and GCxGC chromatograms.

False positives will exist in every dataset, so it is important to optimise workflows to reduce their frequency (e.g., by analysis of replicates). Tandem Ionisation using BenchTOF2™ mass spectrometers simultaneously acquires both hard and soft EI ionisation for complementary chemical information with no added analysis time. Here, we show how tandem data can be utilised in streamlined workflows to confirm positive hits, thereby reducing the rate of false positives, minimising review and increasing confidence in results.


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