Cannabis Profiling

Cannabis terpenes impart distinctive aromas and flavours, and can also contribute to therapeutic effects. Our ‘Cannabis profiling’ product package allows reliable terpene identification and quantitation, overcoming existing analytical challenges.

The challenge

  • Complex profiles lead to co-elutions using 1D GC separation, causing abundances of important components to be overestimated.

  • The structural similarity of many terpenes and terpenoids makes them difficult to identify with confidence.
  • Low confidence in data quality hinders product development.

Automated classification and confident identification of terpenes and terpenoids is one of the benefits of using our ‘Cannabis profiling’ product package to analyse complex extracts in this emerging field.

The solution

  • INSIGHT® GCxGC flow modulation provides enhanced separation with repeatable results across lengthy clinical trials, even for the most volatile species.
  • BenchTOF2™ mass spectrometers provide the sensitivity, selectivity and spectral quality needed for confident identification of targets and unknowns in a single run, as well as extended dynamic range to quantify high-loaders while maintaining sensitivity for trace-level compounds.

  • Tandem Ionisation® for BenchTOF™ simultaneously acquires both ‘soft EI’ and regular 70 eV mass spectra, for additional confidence in identification, in a single streamlined workflow.
  • ChromCompare+™ software provides fully automated workflows for alignment and comparison of all of the raw ‘tandem’ data, to ensure key compounds are not overlooked.

The benefits

  • Enhanced confidence: Robust quantitation provides improved precision in terpene profiling.

  • More analyte detail: Additional information about isomeric terpenes allows a better understanding of the product’s composition.

  • Faster reporting: Smart software tools simplify and automate the reporting of sample composition.
  • Competitive advantage: Improved flavour interpretation enables innovative product labelling strategies.

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