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Making our world safer through science: Identifying novel biomarkers of COVID-19 in breath

  • Find out how thermal desorption (TD) provides sample security and integrity in breath biomarker workflows
  • See how two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC) allows you to discover more from breath samples
  • Learn about the advantages of BenchTOF2 mass spectrometers for sensitive detection, confident identification and easy-to-use workflows
  • See how smart software tools can automatically ‘spot the difference’ between breath profiles
  • Hear about the real-world application of this technology for the detection of biomarkers associated with COVID-19.

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Evaluating the authenticity of brand perfumes using GC×GC–TOF MS

  • Discover how the value of GC×GC for fragrance profiling and how the addition of mass spectrometry provides deeper insights into sample composition, ensuring you do not miss any compound of relevance
  • Learn how Tandem Ionisation® can be used to improve confidence in isomer identification and enhance discovery-based workflows, and
  • How smart software workflows can make use of all the raw data to automatically uncover the subtle differences between brand and imitation fragrances.

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From research to routine: Redefining GC‒MS for the modern lab 

  • Discover how BenchTOF2 removes the guesswork and complexity associated with compound identification, using an unbeatable combination of spectral fidelity, selectivity and smart software tools.
  • Learn about the power of comprehensive analytical resolution – to gain deeper insights into sample composition and ensure you don’t miss any compound of relevance.
  • See how intelligent, connected workflows allow BenchTOF2 to transition easily between discovery and routine applications within a unified user interface, saving time and improving productivity.

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CannabisImproved profiling of cannabis terpenes for accurate product labelling

  • Learn the basics of GC×GC & what it offers over and above standard GC.
  • Hear about how the technology can be applied in both routine and R&D environments.
  • See how the addition of mass spectrometry gains greater insight into sample composition.
  • Learn about new software tools to simplify the comparison of terpene profiles and automatically generate meaningful results.
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Complexity to Clarity: Transforming chromatographic data into usable results

  • Learn how to use chemometrics to spot the difference between complex samples, without having to be a statistics expert.
  • Find out how alignment and raw data workflows leave no trace peaks overlooked.
  • Hear how prediction models can be used to quickly and accurately classify future samples.

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The latest innovations in GC×GC software: What can ChromSpace do for you?

  • See our simple workflows for GC and GCxGC processing on a range of file formats.
  • Hear about streamlined instrument control and data processing.
  • Find out how our network licensing can unify lab processing.

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Wine glassesAutomated aroma profiling of alcoholic beverages by sorptive extraction and GC×GC-FID/TOF MS/SCD

  • Learn about the Centri platform for fully-automated, multi-mode sample preparation.
  • Understand how trapping technology can extend system performance.
  • See how GC×GC can reveal hidden information for complex samples.

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Crude oil splashDual-channel GC×GC-FID for routine analysis of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH-CWG)

  • Learn the basics of GC×GC and what it offers for analysis of TPH-CWG.
  • See how eliminating offline sample fractionation can reduce costs and analysis time.
  • Hear about the productivity advantages of dual-channel GC×GC-FID.
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CannabisGC×GC for improved data quality in profiling cannabis terpenes

  • Learn the basics of GC×GC and what it offers over and above standard GC.
  • Hear about how GC×GC-FID can provide robust and simple profiling of terpenes.
  • See how mass spectrometry can help to differentiate cannabis strains.
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Analytical strategies to improve data quality in biomarker discovery

  • Find out how thermal desorption provides sample security and integrity in breath biomarker workflows.
  • See how two-dimensional GC allows you to discover more from your samples.
  • Learn about the advantages of BenchTOF mass spectrometers for sensitive detection and confident identification.
  • See real world examples for robust and repeatable biomarker discovery.
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Developing breath testing for the clinical environment

  • Prof. George Hanna (Imperial College, London) discuss the challenges involved in developing methods to discover new predictive biomarkers for oesophago-gastric cancer. 
  • Learn how Imperial College applied TD–GC×GC–TOF MS/FID for the profiling of  volatiles from biological samples.

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