About SepSolve Analytical

Our mission

Since we were founded in 2016, we’ve been helping analytical chemists discover more about their samples and deliver more in terms of productivity, by providing them with the latest in GC and GCxGC equipment, accessories, software and expertise.

Our facilities in Peterborough (UK), Offenbach am Main (Germany) and Waterloo (Canada), are fitted with the latest sample preparation and detection equipment for GC and GCxGC, enabling us to rapidly develop customer applications and demonstrate equipment setups.

Global reach, broad applications

We started our operations in Peterborough, UK, and this remains our headquarters today, but we’ve also set up facilities in Germany and Canada that allow us to run workshops and demonstrate our products to a global audience.

Illustrating this, our expertise is used by labs and scientists around the world, from blue-chip car and food manufacturers to government environmental agencies. We always keep on top of the latest trends in analysis, be they in well-established fields such as petrochemical analysis and aroma profiling, or new, rapidly-evolving areas of study such as biomarker discovery and cannabis profiling.

The Schauenburg Analytics advantage

SepSolve Analytical and its sister company Markes International Ltd make up the Schauenburg Analytics Group, whose mission is to develop technologies that allow scientists around the world to improve throughput and maximise the quality and quantity of information extracted from every sample. With expertise in every area from sample preparation to the processing and interpretation of complex data sets, the Group also provides the ongoing support and partnership your laboratory can rely on.

Markes International is the world-leading manufacturer of thermal desorption instruments and other front-end GC equipment. By sharing our technological expertise in sample preparation, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and software, we’re able to meet the challenges of the entire workflow, as well as offering product packages tailored to the needs of individual laboratories.

Schauenburg Analytics Ltd is part of the SCHAUENBURG International Group. SCHAUENBURG International is an internationally active, family-managed investment company which holds majority stakes in established and profitable industrial companies. Investments are made on a long-term, sustainable basis and in trusting cooperation with the existing management teams. The focus is on companies which are leaders in technological niche markets and which strengthen or sensibly complement the existing business areas of SCHAUENBURG International. It concentrates primarily on future-oriented sectors such as safety, analytics, automation, environmental, space and industrial technologies.

Markes and SepSolve under parent company Schauenburg Analytics. What does this mean for our customers? Read the article from Founding Director, Alun Cole.


To learn more about the Schauenburg Analytics Group of companies download the brochure here.


Why choose SepSolve Analytical?

With many years of experience in the field and access to the best instrumentation that the industry can offer, we’re very well-placed to tackle the most difficult challenges in analytical science – from obtaining new insights into aroma-active terpene isomers in cannabis extracts, to achieving high-throughput detection of biomarkers in highly complex biomedical samples.

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