Odours & Emissions

There is an increased awareness of the potential health risks and unpleasant consumer experience that can be caused by emissions from materials – especially odorous chemicals. Our ‘Odours & emissions’ product package allows streamlined analysis of targets and non-targets in a single run.

The challenge

  • Screening of both targets and non-targets is required.
  • Samples are typically solids, but sample preparation procedures must be kept simple.
  • Analyses must be implemented as part of routine workflows, and must be applicable to QC labs.

Hidden compounds in complex odour profiles can be resolved, thanks to the high degree of analyte separation possible with GCxGC using our ‘Odours & emissions’ product package.

The solution

  • The TD100-xr™ thermal desorber provides efficient and flexible sampling of volatiles from materials, with enhanced sensitivity through preconcentration.
  • INSIGHT® GCxGC flow modulation resolves co-elutions and ensures important compounds are not overlooked.
  • BenchTOF2™ mass spectrometers provide highly sensitive detection and high-quality spectra, to remove the guesswork associated with compound identification.
  • ChromSpace® software provides fully-automated  workflows for unattended operation, with full instrument control and data-mining, while the ChromCompare+™ module uses chemometrics to automate sample classification for quality control, R&D and authenticity studies.

The benefits

  • Faster analysis: Workflows are streamlined thanks to simple, solvent-free sampling of VOCs, SVOCs and thermally labile species.
  • Future-proofing: Confident screening of targets and non-targets in a single run enables you to keep ahead of regulations, and adapt to expanding target lists.
  •  Robust quality control: Reliable identification of trace odorants and other compounds of concern means that you can be sure that nothing has been missed.


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