ChromSpace 1D GC-MS software

ChromSpace 1D GC-MS software

ChromSpace 1D is a time-saving software platform to help you get the most out of your GC–MS data.

Using data in a variety of common file formats, ChromSpace processes complex chromatograms using easy-to-learn, streamlined workflows, to uncover hidden information that may be overlooked by other platforms

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Why choose ChromSpace 1D?

  • Intuitive processing of GC(–MS) data for a range of file types (including .lsc, .d, .raw, .rsd and .cdf).

  • Easy-to-learn workflows with fast method creation and batch processing, quantitation, and reporting/ exporting.

  • Automated background subtraction of interferences, and uncovering of ‘hidden’ compounds with easy-to-use deconvolution.

  • Time-saving features such as one-click library hits and saved EIC sets.

  • Fast screening for compounds (or classes) of interest using the Compound Explorer toolkit.

  • Automatically align chromatograms and find significant differences between samples by upgrading to ChromCompare+.

  • Simplify the transition to GCxGC by upgrading to ChromSpace.


Features exclusively for BenchTOF2 mass spectrometers

  • Full instrument control and data processing in a single streamlined software.

  • Integrated control of BenchTOF2, as well as a range of  GCs, INSIGHT® modulators and sample introduction platforms.

  • Real-time capability allows data-processing to be conducted in real-time, with no user intervention, for rapid turnaround on urgent samples.

  • Streamlined Tandem Ionisation workflows allow users to explore both 70 eV and soft EI data embedded within a single ‘tandem’ file.


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