Tandem Ionisation

Tandem Ionisation
Tandem Ionisation
Tandem Ionisation
Award-winning Tandem Ionisation enables soft and hard ionisation spectra to be obtained simultaneously in a single run, for both GC and GC×GC analyses, allowing comprehensive characterisation of complex samples with none of the historical hassle associated with soft ionisation.

Exclusive to our BenchTOF2™ mass spectrometers, this patented technique is fully integrated in to analytical workflows, allowing you to increase confidence without increasing analysis time. Using our new tandem file format, both MS data blocks are integrated into one datafile for streamlined processing, to fully benefit from soft EI data in library-searching, quantitation and non-target screening.
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Why should you choose Tandem Ionisation?

  • Identify structurally similar compounds – Use complementary spectra with enhanced molecular ions and reduced fragmentation to identify isomers that are indistinguishable at 70 eV.
  • Enhance confidence in identification – Reduce your reliance on retention indices.
  • Easily create complementary soft EI spectral libraries with dual-library searching for streamlined use of both 70 eV and soft EI data
  • Save time – There are no source-switching or additional variables to optimise, and Tandem Ionisation is fully automated within ChromSpace® software.
  • Streamline workflows – Tandem Ionisation data can be used in streamlined discovery workflows to confirm positive hits, thereby reducing the rate of false positives, minimising review time and improving confidence in results.

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