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01 Aug 2023

SepSolve and Markes host seminar on analytical strategies to improve data quality in biomarker discovery

In June, we hosted a one-day seminar – Analytical strategies to improve data quality in biomarker discovery – in collaboration Markes International, and the Volatile Biomarker Research Group, led by Prof. George Hanna at Imperial College London (UK). Read the blog for the talk summaries.


04 Jul 2023

Using separation science to tackle the flavour challenges in plant-based foods

Discussing the challenges faced by the plant-based food industry in mimicking flavours, and how this is being addressed using separation science, particularly 2D GC coupled with TOF MS and chemometric software.


10 Jun 2022

Markes and SepSolve are realigning under parent company Schauenburg Analytics. What will that mean for our customers?

Alun Cole, Founding Director, writes introducing the benefits we are able to bring arising from a closer association of Markes and SepSolve under their parent company Schauenburg Analytics.


08 Dec 2021

Hybrid cars – Should we be concerned about VOCs?

SepSolve and Markes instruments used as part of an investigation looking at VOC emissions from hybrid cars. British investigative current affairs documentary series Dispatches aired an episode entitled “The truth about electric cars” on Channel 4 in November 2021 about current issues with hybrid cars.


23 Jan 2021

Overcoming the challenges of untargeted data analysis

Continual advances in sample introduction, chromatographic separation and detection by mass spectrometry means we can now gain greater insight into sample composition than ever before. But we may ask: “What am I going to do with all of this data?”.


08 Dec 2020

How do you cope with retention time drift in GC?

Those of you who routinely run GC or GC–MS instruments will be all too familiar with the frustrations of retention time drift. Read how SepSolve's Dr Laura McGregor deals with this problem.


24 Jun 2020

Virtually the best ASMS – News from the 2020 Reboot

Blog describing experiences at the ASMS 2020 reboot virtual conference. Download the SepSolve poster...


10 Jul 2019

SepSolve’s roundup of events at ISCC/GCxGC 2019

SepSolve's perspective of events at ISCC/GCxGC 2019 held in Fort Worth, Texas.


30 May 2019

SepSolve hosts seminar highlighting recent advances in the field of GCxGC

A summary of the GCxGC seminar hosted by SepSolve Analytical on 2 April 2019.


23 May 2019

Helping to bridge the gap between cannabis, science and medicine

Helping to bridge the gap between cannabis, science and medicine – (CSC East), Baltimore, USA.


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