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Below are a list of our white paper categories.


Let our experts introduce you to the key features of important analytics techniques, from GCxGC to large-volume injection.


Odours & Emissions

Chemicals such as phthalates, emitted from consumer products and construction materials, have been in the spotlight in recent years, and are a prime target for modern analytical techniques.


Environmental Monitoring

Although the monitoring of low-boiling VOCs using conventional GC techniques is straightforward, the latest GC×GC and detector technologies are needed to adequately tackle the analytical challenges posed by semi-volatiles and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in complex matrices.


Food and Drink

Aroma analysis for quality control of foods and beverages has never been more important – and can be approached by a variety of sampling techniques, from solid-phase micro-extraction to dynamic headspace, with the assistance of thermal desorption or GC×GC.



The large number of often structurally similar compounds in fragranced products demands the high degree of separation only available with GC×GC, coupled with advanced TOF MS detection techniques such as Tandem Ionisation.


Cannabis, Tobacco and Related Products

Smoke from cigarettes and related products such as cannabis can contain thousands of components across multiple chemical classes and wide concentration ranges, making them ideal candidates for analysis by GC×GC.



Petrochemical products, with their vast number of structurally similar isomeric hydrocarbons, demand state-of-the-art analytical techniques – such as GC×GC with flow modulation and dual TOF MS/FID detection.


Biological Monitoring

The growing use of small-molecule biomarkers for health-related research demands the separation and identification of structurally similar compounds in highly complex matrices – a challenge for which TD preconcentration, GC×GC separation and TOF MS detection technologies are very well-suited.


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