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Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry: Toward a Super-Resolved Separation Technique

Analytical Chemistry, August 2020

A paper published in Analytical Chemistry demonstrates a new feature in the ChromSpace® software platform for multi-dimensional gas chromatography. The software now enables compound peaks in two-dimensional space to be represented by a centroid or peak apex, like the data-reduced histogram spectra used in mass spectrometry. This provides precise locations for each component in the 2D space, providing a higher level of separation (or ‘super resolution’).

The development was the result of a collaboration between SepSolve Analytical and Phil Marriot and Yada Nolvachai from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  

The demonstration in the paper was carried out by a team from the University of Calabria, Italy, who used the software to analyse spectra produced by volatile organic compounds from peaches using thermal desorption coupled with GC×GC–TOF MS.

The paper can be found here.

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