The development of Tandem Ionisation

27 July 2017

The Analytical Scientist

Tandem Ionisation is the focus of an article published in The Analytical Scientist that explains how this technology was developed and ultimately commericalised for the BenchTOF series of time-of-flight mass spectrometers that we at SepSolve offer as part of our product range.

The article, written by the co-founder of Markes International, Alun Cole, explains how the idea for improving the sensitivity of low-energy electron ionisation came about, and how it was first commercialised as Select-eV for Markes' range of BenchTOF time-of-flight mass spectrometers. He then goes on to highlight how the product evolved into Tandem Ionisation, and how the success of this product was recognised with an innovation award in 2016.

For those not already familiar with Tandem Ionisation, it enables simultaneous acquisition of 'soft' and regular 70 eV mass spectra, and as well as improving identification of target compounds and unknowns, avoids the inconvenience of ion-source changes typical of other low-energy ionisation methods. 


You can download the full article, 'Tandem Triumph', by clicking on the link below.

Download article PDF

Original article: A. Cole, Tandem Triumph, The Analytical Scientist, July 2017.


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