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Tandem Ionisation®adding another dimension to GC×GC

Award-winning Tandem Ionisation enables easy switching between hard and soft ionisation to generate complementary information about each component, increasing the dimensionality of your analysis.

Soft and hard ionisation spectra are obtained simultaneously across a single run, for both GC and GC×GC analyses, allowing comprehensive characterisation of complex samples with none of the historical hassle associated with soft ionisation.

Supplied as standard with the BenchTOF-Select™ mass spectrometer, soft EI allows you to identify isomers not differentiated by other GC–MS systems, by providing complementary spectra for compounds that are indistinguishable at 70 eV.

Why should you use Tandem Ionisation?

  • Save time – no source-switching or additional variables to optimise.
  • Enhance confidence – identify isomers that are indistinguishable at 70 eV.
  • Benefit from enhanced molecular ions and reduced fragmentation.
  • Operate flexibly, with variable-energy ionisation from 10–70 eV.
  • Fully automate your workflow in TOF-DS™ and ChromSpace®
  • Easily create complementary soft EI​ spectral libraries for improved quality control.
  • Integrate Select-eV® into your workflow with the help of our soft EI library.
  • Reduce your reliance on retention indices for similar compounds.


SepSolve Analytical's sister company, Markes International (Llantrisant, UK), has been awarded a US patent (US Patent Number 9,786,480) for Tandem Ionisation.


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