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Time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF MS) uses the principle that when different ions are imparted with a given energy, the heavier ions will take longer to travel the fixed distance from the ion source to the detector. TOF instruments simultaneously analyse all ions, making them far less wasteful and so more sensitive than mass-filtering quadrupoles.

The BenchTOF-Evolve™, BenchTOF-HD™ and BenchTOF-Select™ instruments that are offered by SepSolve all incorporate a highly efficient direct-extraction ion source, which boosts sensitivity to the level normally encountered in selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode on quadrupoles, while collecting full-range mass spectra that allow simultaneous analysis of trace-level targets and unknowns, and full ability for retrospective searching. They also generate ‘reference-quality’ spectra free from mass discrimination, which allow direct comparison to spectra in commercial libraries such as NIST or Wiley.



BenchTOF-Evolve BenchTOF-HD BenchTOF-Select
Mass range (m/z) 1–800 1–1500 1–1500
Software Markes Instrument Control
& TargetView™
Standard EI
(70 eV)
Tandem Ionisation®
(for fast switching between two ionisation energies in a single run)
Sub-unit selectivity
Temperature range  Standard
(ion source to 350°C and transfer line to 400°C)
High-temperature capability
(ion source to 400°C and transfer line to 450°C)
High-temperature capability
(ion source to 400°C and transfer line to 450°C)


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