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Thermal desorption

Thermal desorption (TD) uses heat and a flow of inert gas to desorb VOCs and SVOCs from sorbents or sample materials. Extracted vapours are swept onto an electrically-cooled sorbent-packed focusing trap, which is then rapidly heated. This injects the vapours into the GC in a narrow band, providing outstanding levels of sensitivity.

SepSolve is pleased to be able to offer the full range of TD instruments from Markes International, which offer wide analyte range (from acetylene to C44), quantitative re-collection of split flows, and outstanding sensitivity enhancements.

Key amongst these are the 100-tube fully-automated TD100-xr™ thermal desorber, the single-tube UNITY-xr™ instrument, the multi-canister CIA Advantage-xr™ system, and the continuous near-real-time TT24-7™ instrument. We also offer the fully automated Centri® sample preparation platform, which features a 50-tube TD module alongside other sample introduction options. All of these use electrical cooling to avoid the inconvenience of liquid cryogen.

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