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SepSolve Analytical expands analytical chemistry team

3 July 2017

SepSolve Analytical (Peterborough, UK) has announced the appointment of two new staff members to its UK-based GC and GC×GC analytical chemistry business.

Aaron Parker joins SepSolve from the University of York, where he specialised in GC–MS in the field of environmental analytics. As SepSolve’s Applications Manager, he is focused on developing full analytical solutions, from sample preparation to reporting, as well as providing engineering support and customer training.

Rebecca Preston, SepSolve’s Internal Sales and Applications Co-ordinator, has a background in forensic and analytical chemistry, having previously worked at LGC on steroids and psychoactive substances in human matrices. In her current role she supports internal sales and co-ordinates the development of applications within the laboratory.

The two appointments come at a time of considerable expansion of SepSolve, with the launch of new products including the company’s own GC×GC modulator, and OEM reselling agreements with major analytical equipment suppliers including EST Analytical, CTC Analytics, GL Sciences, Markes International and VUV Analytics.

Bob Green, SepSolve’s Sales & Business Development Manager, explains that the new appointments are part of the ongoing growth of the company: “The last few months have been exciting for us at SepSolve, with product launches and growing demand for our technical know-how across a wide range of applications. Having Aaron and Rebecca on board adds considerably to our experience and capabilities, and it’s a pleasure to welcome them to the team.”

Aaron Parker Rebecca Preston

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About SepSolve Analytical Ltd

SepSolve Analytical is dedicated to helping analysts select the best equipment for GC and GC×GC analysis. The wide range of products offered include SepSolve’s INSIGHT™ flow modulator for GC×GC, and sample preparation equipment, robotic autosamplers, thermal desorbers and mass spectrometers with novel soft EI capability from leading manufacturers including GL Sciences, CTC Analytics and Markes International. SepSolve’s application experience is extensive, placing it in an excellent position to advise on getting the best from an analysis – in everything from environmental monitoring to petrochemical analysis and food aroma profiling.

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