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Sample preparation robots

At SepSolve we offer a range of sample preparation robots (SPR) to increase the productivity, reproducibility and flexibility of your GC–MS analysis. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level or advanced robotics platform, the SPR series will offer a system suitable for you. We’ve summarised the main differences in the table below, but please contact us for further advice on each feature.

Why choose SPR?

  • Automated switching between liquid, headspace and SPME applications. 
  • A range of sample preparation options help to reduce or eliminate manual sample processing.
  • Modular design enables additional tools to be added as required.
  • 24-hour reliability test before leaving the factory, so confident unattended analysis is guaranteed.
  • Robust, repeatable automation from a manufacturer with over 40,000 systems worldwide.


Liquid injection
Syringe capacity   Up to 100 µL Up to 10 mL Up to 10 mL
Sample capacity  648 × 2 mL  >9000 × 2 mL  
(360 × 20 mL)
>9000 × 2 mL  
(360 × 20 mL)
Automated solid-phase & liquid-liquid extraction
Headspace  X
SPME & High-capacity SPME X
Multiple headspace extraction X
ITEX dynamic headspace X
Advanced sample prep (e.g. on-line derivatisation)  X X
Robotic tool change X X
Automated liner exchange (LINEX) X X


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UK: 44 (0)1733 669222
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