SepSolve Analytical’s INSIGHT-Thermal hailed as one of 2023’s most innovative products by The Analytical Scientist's Innovation Awards (TASIA)

13 December 2023

SepSolve Analytical’s newly launched thermal modulator, the INSIGHT-Thermal, has been named as one of this year’s top 15 innovations by The Analytical Scientist's Innovation Awards (TASIA), with the judges commenting that its “…new approach greatly simplifies two-dimensional GC.”

The INSIGHT-Thermal is a cryogen-free delay loop thermal modulator for GCxGC that gives flexible control of all modulation parameters within SepSolve’s popular ChromSpace software, including the unique ability to apply linear ramps to the cold jet flow rate – crucial for efficient release of high boiling point analytes (C50+). 

Additionally, its ingenious “figure of eight” column holder design locks the column into the correct position for precise alignment of the delay loop between the jets – improving usability and repeatability.

Bob Green, SepSolve’s head of sales and business development, commented: “We’re thrilled that INSIGHT-Thermal has won a place on such a prestigious list as the TASIA’s annual innovation awards. It’s an especially proud moment for the development team whose ingenuity lies behind the thermal modulator.

“The ability of INSIGHT-Thermal to overcome the problem of irreversible trapping and peak tailing caused by excessive flow rates is truly ground-breaking and brings a new level of productivity and performance to thermally modulated GC×GC.

“If you couple that with the fact that it’s compatible with all popular GCs, you can begin to see why the INSIGHT-Thermal is such an innovative product, worthy of its ‘Innovation Unlocked’ TASIA placing.”

INSIGHT-Thermal sits alongside SepSolve Analytical’s existing INSIGHT-Flow, a reverse fill/flush flow modulator, which delivers robust, repeatable GCxGC analyses – ideal for GC laboratories requiring routine, high-throughput analyses, or discovery-based applications involving volatiles <C8, such as breath biomarker evaluation and aroma profiling.

By comparison, INSIGHT-Thermal is perfect for GC labs needing to characterise trace-level compounds in complex matrices, as is the case with petrochemical fingerprinting, environmental forensics, and metabolomics.

Green summarised: “The addition of INSIGHT-Thermal enables SepSolve to comprehensively cater to all GC analysts, whatever their application area and needs – from research right through to high-volume routine analyses.”


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