GCxGC workshop at ESPCI, From niche to necessity

16 May 2018

SepSolve Analytical, in conjunction with ESPCI, Paris, is giving a free-to-attend one-day workshop on 14 June 2018 at the ESPCI, Paris, covering the diverse application range of GCxGC and time-of-flight mass spectrometry*.
In this seminar, you’ll learn about exciting advances in GCxGC from leaders in the field, including:

  • Introduction to GCxGC
    Didier Thiebaut, ESPCI, France

  • Quantification of volatile and semi-volatile regulated substances in fragrance materials by advanced GCxGC-TOF MS approaches
    Thomas Dutriez, Givaudan, Switzerland

  • Improving GC resolution to enhance characterization of surfactant precursors
    Miren Pena-Abaurrea, CEPSA, Spain

  • Environmental Forensics: Novel Applications with GCxGC–TOF MS
    Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay, University of Glasgow, UK

  • Handling of GCxGC-FID/MS with Tandem Ionisation for perfume analysis: preliminary results
    Pierre-alain Remy, ESPCI/L’Oréal, France

*Please note that all presentations will be delivered in English.

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