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Flavours & fragrances

Reliable analysis of foods and beverages is vital for quality control, R&D, authenticity studies, and assessment of food safety. Our ‘Flavours & fragrances’ product package provides fast and comprehensive aroma-profiling without compromising on system flexibility.


The challenge

  • Samples contain many chemical classes across wide concentration ranges.

  • A range of sample matrices are involved, including liquids, solids and semi-solids.

  • Odour thresholds may differ by many orders of magnitude, meaning even trace components can have a major impact on aroma.

Trace-level odorous sulfur compounds are readily located in complex profiles by using two detection techniques running in parallel on the same GC×GC analysis. Such versatility is just one of the benefits of our ‘Flavours & fragrances’ product package.


The solution

  • The Centri® platform delivers automated sample extraction and enrichment, allowing highly sensitive analysis of various sample types.

  • INSIGHT® GC×GC flow modulation provides enhanced separation to resolve co-elutions and matrix interferences.

  • BenchTOF™ mass spectrometers provide highly sensitive detection and high-quality spectra, for confident identification using commercial libraries.

  • Tandem Ionisation® for BenchTOF™ simultaneously acquires both ‘soft EI’ and regular 70 eV mass spectra, for improved confidence when identifying isomers.

  • ChromSpace® software provides fully-automated workflows for unattended operation, with full instrument control and data-mining, while the ChromCompare+™ module uses chemometrics to automate sample classification for quality control, R&D and authenticity studies.


The benefits

  • Faster reporting: Cryogen-free, solvent-free sampling of VOCs, SVOCs and thermally-labile species results in substantial time savings.

  • More information: Improved separation uncovers key marker compounds and delivers a comprehensive aroma profile.

  • Adaptability: Flexible configurations allow parallel detection using different techniques, such as MS, FID and SCD.


Want to know more? Contact us using the form below, or download the following white papers:

Aroma profiling of hops and beer using high-capacity sorptive extraction with GC×GC–FID/TOF MS/SCD

Automated aroma profiling of wine using sorptive extraction with GC×GC–TOF MS/SCD


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