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The GC×GC software designed by chromatographers for chromatographers

ChromSpace® allows GC×GC to be a productive contributor in any high-throughput laboratory, using a combination of streamlined workflows, a user-friendly interface, and powerful data-mining tools.


Reasons to use ChromSpace

  • Intuitive processing of GC and GC×GC data for a range of file types (including .lsc, .d, .raw, .rsd and .cdf).
  • Fast group-type analysis, with easy-to-use stencils and reporting.
  • Simplified target searching using filtering scripts.
  • Deconvolution for uncovering ‘hidden’ compounds.
  • Fast data navigation with customisable, dynamically-linked charts, tables and spectra.
  • Network licensing to unify lab processing easily.
  • Robust alignment of the raw data for simpler and more confident comparison.
  • Automatic discovery of significant differences between samples with ChromCompare+.


Try it on your own data

As a busy analytical chemist, it’s likely that you don’t have the time to evaluate ChromSpace as thoroughly as you’d want to. That’s why we’re inviting you to have an online demo using your own datafiles.

Simply email to organise a demo with one of our application experts.


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UK: 44 (0)1733 669222
USA: +1 519 206 0055
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