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Transforming chromatographic data into meaningful results

ChromCompare+ is an easy-to-use data analysis and chemometrics platform, for aligning and comparing chromatographic data in automated workflows. ChromCompare+ means that a batch of GC‒MS or GC×GC datafiles (in a wide range of formats) can now be compared in minutes instead of days (or even weeks).

Reasons to use ChromCompare+

  • Find the significant differences between your sample classes.
  • Reduce the risk of missing important details, by using all of the raw data.
  • Automatically predict the class of unknown samples using classification models.
  • Easily visualise trends and relationships between your samples using interactive charts.
  • Remove bottlenecks in data processing associated with GC×GC, through efficient filtering of complex datasets to uncover key trends and differences.
  • Achieve all this within an intuitive, easy-to-learn workflow – you don’t have to be a statistician to use it.
  • Use Tandem Ionisation data in a single, streamlined workflow, to minimise false positives and improve discovery of true differences (exclusive to BenchTOF2 mass spectrometers).

Much more than just chemometrics

ChromSpace’s powerful data-mining tools are fully integrated into every ChromCompare+ licence, for fast peak identification, easy-to-use deconvolution, quantitation and more.


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UK: 44 (0)1733 669222
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