Increasing conviction rates in wildfire arson cases using GCxGC–TOF MS data


Mount Royal University, Canada

Wildfires are common in Canada. In the province of Alberta alone, 3269 hectares of land were burned during the 704 wildfires that occurred over the wildfire season in 2020. Prof. Gwen O’Sullivan and Nadin Boegelsack at Mount Royal University, Canada, use GC×GC–TOF MS to identify ignitable liquid residues from complex wildfire debris.

  • Customer: Mount Royal University, Canada
  • Application: Analysis of ignitable liquid residues (ILRs) from fire debris
  • Challenge: To improve separation of target compounds from complicated matrices and characterise potential source of ILRs
  • Solution: GCxGC with BenchTOF MS
  • Results: Greater separation and characterisation of ILRs to provide more information for improved decision-making during arson investigations



Download: Case study "Mount Royal University team uses GCxGC–TOF MS to gather data to increase conviction rates in wildfire arson cases"