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Vacuum ultra-violet

Detection by vacuum ultra-violet (VUV) spectroscopy is a recently-developed technology that is based on the fact that all organic compounds absorb ultra-violet light in the 120–240 nm range. The strength of the absorption means that sensitivity is excellent, while the distinctive spectral ‘fingerprints’ for each compound provide unparalleled selectivity, so eliminating the need to achieve baseline GC resolution.

SepSolve offers three instruments from VUV Analytics, who have developed this exciting technology.* The VGA-100 is a universal mass-sensitive GC detector that provides both qualitative and quantitative data with drastically reduced requirements for calibration, while the VGA-101 offers an extended spectral range, filters for increased sensitivity, and an operating temperature up to 450°C, allowing detection of high-boiling compounds such as PAHs. We also offer the SVGA, which can be used directly for continuous monitoring of gas streams without GC separation.

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* Please note that we can currently only offer products from VUV Analytics to customers in the UK – if you are based outside the UK, please contact us to discuss options.

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UK: 44 (0)1733 669222
USA: 1-888-379-3835