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SepSolve provides instrumentation and expertise in the following areas:

SepSolve Analytical is a supplier of robust and affordable GC×GC and detector (FID and TOF MS) technology.


We work with you to deliver a package of analytical instrumentation, accessories and methodology to solve your separation science problems with the unrivalled power of multi-dimensional gas chromatography.


Our knowledge and expertise enable us to understand the key issues in any analytical challenge, and so advise you on the best package of instrumentation to deliver the results you’re looking for.


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“Our project looks at the composition of nanoparticle diesel exhaust emissions. Utilising GC×GC in conjunction with BenchTOF-Select, we have been able to identify compounds that we would not normally be able to using conventional GC and/or mass spectrometry.

Dr Mohammed Alam
University of Birmingham, UK
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