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Seminar at the ISCC & GC×GC conference

As Easy as GC×GC – 14 May 2019

SepSolve Analytical is hosting a vendor seminar at the upcoming ISCC & GC×GC conference at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas

  • Date: Tuesday 14 May 2019
  • Time: 12:00–13:00
  • Location: Crystal Ballroom A

Guest speakers include:

Shyane Green, Dow Chemical Shayne Green, Dow Chemical
Characterization of volatiles in plastics using comprehensive GC×GC–TOF MS
Nadin Boegelsack, Mount Royal University Nadin Boegelsack, Mount Royal University
Ignitable Liquid Residue Analysis in Alberta Wildfire Samples

Lunch at this seminar is also provided as an added bonus, but places are strictly limited, so register today, via our Eventbrite page, to avoid disappointment

Other SepSolve presentations at ISCC/GC×GC:


  • Automated aroma profiling of alcoholic beverages by high-capacity sorptive extraction and GC×GC-TOF MS
    Laura McGregor, 16:50 Monday 13th May, Room Crystal Ballroom A
  • Confident profiling of cannabis terpenes by GC×GC profiling
    Matthew Edwards, 14:30 Tuesday 14th May, Room Crystal Ballroom A


  • A flexible analytical platform for the discovery of biomarkers of disease
  • Flavour profiling of e-cigarette liquids by GC–TOF MS
  • Simplifying GC×GC – streamlined software for fast characterization of petrochemicals
  • Tandem Ionisation for improved characterisation of fragranced products
  • Improving confidence in the quantitative analysis of cannabis terpenes using flow-modulated GC×GC–FID
  • Comprehensive aroma profiling of hops by TD–GC×GC–TOF MS/SCD

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