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SepSolve Analytical seminar – As easy as GC×GC

SepSolve Analytical will be giving a free-to-attend one-day seminar on 2 April 2019 at Schauenburg Analytics, Bieberer Strasse 1-7, 63065, Offenbach am Main, GERMANY covering the diverse application range of GC×GC and time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

Why attend?

  • Hear from leaders in their field, showing how they use GC×GC across a broad range of research and routine applications.
  • Get up close to the instruments during a lab session.
  • Have the chance to network with other GC×GC users and learn from their experiences.

Topics and speakers include:

  • Benefits of time-of-flight mass spectrometry featuring Tandem Ionisation for chemical fingerprinting: Insights on extra-ordinary complexity of food
    Chiara Cordero (University of Turin, Italy)
  • Fuel analysis by GC×GC – separation, detection and data evaluation aspects
    Maximilian Jennerwein (ASG, Germany)
  • Analysis of food (title to be confirmed)
    David Mannion (Teagasc, Ireland)
  • Comprehensive characterization of atypical MOSH/MOAH fractions using GC×GC-TOF MS
    Joeri Vercammen (Interscience/University of Ghent, Belgium)
  • Pushing the boundaries of hyphenation with GC×GC-TOF MS/FID/SCD
    Laura McGregor (SepSolve Analytical)

Spaces for the seminar are strictly limited and the event is expected to be oversubscribed, so early registration is recommended.

Please note that all presentations will be delivered in English.

To register for this free seminar, please complete and submit the form below.

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