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Comprehensive two-dimensional GC (multidimensional gas chromatography) subjects each ‘fraction’ from a 1D column to a second GC separation, using a modulator to focus the first-column eluent into narrow bands before injecting them into the faster-eluting secondary column. The result of this is the separation of mixtures that co-elute on the first column, and a consequent order-of-magnitude increase in compound resolution.

INSIGHT® flow modulator

The INSIGHT flow modulator from SepSolve overcomes the cost and logistical issues of the liquid cryogen needed for thermally-modulated systems. In addition, it provides separation of volatiles from C1 to C40+, no modulation breakthrough for improved characterisation of both large and small peaks, built-in splitting for use with multiple detectors, and compatibility with heart-cutting 2D GC.

To work in conjunction with the INSIGHT flow modulator, SepSolve also offers the comprehensive ChromSpace®  software for GC×GC.



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UK: 44 (0)1733 669222
USA: 1-888-379-3835