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Sample preparation robots

At SepSolve we offer a range of sample preparation robots to increase the productivity, reproducibility and flexibility of your GC–MS analysis.

All PAL® systems are subjected to a 24-hour reliability test before leaving the factory, so confident unattended analysis is guaranteed.


The LSI is the ultimate high-throughput solution for liquid injections enabling up to 648 × 2 mL sample vials to be sequenced. Robust injections of up to 100 µL volume are achieved using a range of syringe sizes.


The RSI adds the flexibility to switch easily between liquid, headspace and SPME applications using a single platform. It is a true laboratory ‘workhorse’, with capacity for >1000 sample vials.


The new RTC takes the hassle out of sample preparation by automating derivatisation, liquid extraction, solid-phase extraction (SPE), dilutions and much more.

By minimising laborious manual tasks, the RTC reduces lab costs and increases data confidence, while the modular design enables additional tools to be added as required.

Liquid injection
Large-volume injection ✓   
(up to 100 µL syringe)
(up to 10 mL syringe)
 (up to 10 mL syringe)
Sample capacity  648 × 2 mL  >9000 × 2 mL  
(360 × 20 mL)
>9000 × 2 mL  
(360 × 20 mL)
Automated solid-phase extraction
Automated liquid–liquid extraction
Headspace   —
Solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME)  —
SPME Arrow (high-capacity SPME)  —
Multiple headspace extraction  —
ITEX dynamic headspace  —
Advanced sample prep (e.g. on-line derivatisation)   —  —
Robotic tool change  —  —
LINEX – Automated liner exchange  — — 


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