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GC×GC – From niche to necessity:
New applications guide

SepSolve GCxGC Applications Guide e-Book

A guide to the applications of two-dimensional gas chromatography

What is GC×GC? How exactly does it work? What benefits does it have for challenging applications?

These and other questions are explained in a new e-book from the GC×GC experts at SepSolve Analytical.

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In less than 30 pages, this helpful guide summarises key advantages of GC×GC across all the key application areas.

Examples of topics include:

  • Fatty acid methyl esters in edible oils.
  • Aroma compounds in whisky
  • Allergens in fragranced consumer products
  • Contaminants in cannabis extracts
  • Total petrochemical hydrocarbons in contaminated soil
  • Group-type analysis of petrochemicals
  • …and many more!

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