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Product Package: Cannabis

The challenges of analysing complex cannabis samples

CannabisConventional approaches to the detection of organic components in cannabis can pose difficulties. A particular problem is the complexity of the sample matrix, which requires analysts to spend a lot of time on sample clean-up. A further challenge is detecting and quantifying a wide variety of analytes from a single sample, which can be difficult to achieve in a single run.

Improved results with the Cannabis Product Package

To tackle these problems, SepSolve has developed a product package dedicated to the analysis of organic components in cannabis, including psychoactive cannabinoids, aroma-active terpenoids and residual pesticides. By being able to handle complex matrices, the system reduces the time spent in sample preparation, while the latest detection techniques offer optimum identification and quantitation across the whole analyte range.

The Cannabis Product Package comprises:


  • Excellent results even for complex matrices eliminates the need for extensive sample preparation.
  • Greater separation space avoids problems with analyte co-elution.
  • The ‘roof-tiling’ effect of GC×GC assists analyte classification.
  • INSIGHT® flow modulation eliminates the cost and logistical issues of the liquid cryogen needed for thermally-modulated systems.


  • Simultaneous detection by flame ionisation detection (FID) and time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF MS) offers analytical flexibility without impacting workflow.
  • FID provides robust quantitation for known analytes.
  • BenchTOF™ enables confident identification of both target compounds and ‘unknowns’.
  • Tandem Ionisation® adds an additional level of confidence in cases where 70 eV data fails to distinguish between isomers.

ChromSpace® software:

Cannabis package white paper

  • Single platform for instrument control and data processing.
  • Intuitive functionality streamlines routine operation of GC×GC.
  • Scripting functions allow automated identification of pesticides.


To find out more about the product package and the results that can be achieved for cannabis extracts, please complete the form below and download our white paper.

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