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– Featuring exclusive Tandem Ionisation® capability.


Who uses BenchTOF-Select?

Users of BenchTOF-Select are analysts who need the extra confidence that comes with soft ionisation, but don't want the hassle of ion-source changes and can't afford to compromise on sensitivity.

The additional confidence delivered by soft EI has proven vital for challenging petrochemical and fragrance analyses, especially for the identification of isomers that are indistinguishable at 70 eV.​ 

Product benefits

  • Acquire hard and soft ionisation data simultaneously using Tandem Ionisation® – for unparalleled productivity.
  • Confidently identify unknowns and routinely distinguish between structurally similar compounds.
  • Enjoy greater confidence in identification, thanks to BenchTOF-Select’s reference-quality 70 eV spectra and complementary soft EI spectra.
  • Eliminate the hassle, expense and sensitivity loss associated with other soft ionisation techniques.
  • Expand your laboratory’s capability by improving detection of trace-level compounds in complex matrices.
  • Speed up analysis of complex samples with fast GC and GC×GC.
  • Streamline your instrument control, method development and data analysis with TOF-DS™ or ChromSpace® software platforms.


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UK: 44 (0)1733 669222
USA: +1 519 206 0055
GERMANY: 49 (0)69 668 108 920